Woodsley & Holt Park Local Care Partnership (LCP) are meeting in March and welcome third sector colleagues working in the area to join them

Date: 10 March

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

Nick Godfrey from Family Action will be welcomed in the first half an hour. A short introductory presentation, designed and led by Leeds Young Carers Support Service (LYCSS) aims to raise awareness of who a young carer is, the signs of being a young carer, the issues and barriers young carers face and what support is available in Leeds for young carers. The session looks at identification of young carers, outlines some key statistics, and identifies some key issues that professionals can come across when trying to identify and support young carers.

The remainder of the meeting will be focused on COVID vaccinations with a discussion on how to ensure hard to reach groups are supported to come forwards. Public Health will be talking through the health inequalities action plan and providing guidance on strategies to overcome common barriers and have positive conversations with local people.

Woodsley & Holt Park LCP would like as many partners as possible to come together so any issues you may be gathering from the people you support can be picked up on and support offers can be collated.

If you would like to join the conversations please email [email protected].