Men’s Health Week is 14th-21st June. The Men’s Health Unlocked (MHU) Network is very happy to promote any activities that are planned to mark the week across the city.

There are three ways to get involved:
  1. Send a Selfie promo video to share on Social Media about your event / activity. Better still, get one of your Service Users to send one in. (Top tip: keep to 20-30 seconds max.) MHU will run a week of videos – as they did for International Men’s Day –  and it promises to be fun and informative!
  2. Send a promo poster advertising your event / activity to share.
  3. Tag tweets with: @mhuleeds @WYHpartnership #MensHealthWeek
What is this year’s Men’s Health Week about?
This year, MHW is promoting wellbeing and linking activities into the Five Ways to Wellbeing. More information is available here:
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Damian Dawtry, Men’s Health Unlocked Coordinator: [email protected]