15 April 10am – 11am Live via Teams.

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Professor Lynda Song, Gabby Keating and Dr Jiang Yang of Leeds University Business School are leading the independent evaluation of the training programme. The team, based in the management school, have a background in researching the significance of cultural intelligence within the healthcare sector to improve staff wellbeing. Leading with an EDI approach to HR interventions, the team have experience of understanding the application of cultural competence. The mixed-method evaluation aims to observe the effectiveness of the training on the trainees’ implementation of the module content, and to provide recommendations for future continuation of the training programme.

Background to the Project

Since 2021 a steering group, comprising of cross-sector workers working for Statutory and VCSE organisations, has been working with partners to develop and deliver Cultural Competency and Humility training for health and care workers. The initial need for this training was identified through a Community Mental Health Transformation (CMHT) learning & training needs analysis and has developed to involve multi-agency partners from the wider health and care sector of West Yorkshire.

Financial support for this project has come from national Civility and Respect (NHS) and capacity support for this project has come from West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership and multi-agency partners. So far, this project has trained 60 trainers to deliver Cultural Competency and Humility Training for health and care workers and volunteers in West Yorkshire. Since Autumn 2023 these trainers have been piloting delivery of this training to a wide range of workers and volunteers.

An important aim of this training has been “To provide safe spaces for: discussions, sharing experiences, reflections, and to feel safe in asking questions.”

The training has covered:

  • Module 1: Understanding culture both individually and within a wider social context.
  • Module 2: Understanding self, including cultural humility.
  • Module 3: Understanding how to work with difference including attention to conflicts that arise and how to work positively with them.

For further information about this training please contact [email protected]

This project has been supported by The West Yorkshire ICB Health Equity Fellowship.