Free ‘Lets talk about menopause’ sessions are being offered in partnership between Henpicked and West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (our integrated care system, or ICS) and are open to all staff and volunteers working in health and social care.

People going through menopause are the fastest growing population at work with around eight out of 10 menopausal women experiencing this change while working.
While some sail through menopause, three out of four experience symptoms and as many as one in four have serious symptoms. Despite this, around half have never consulted a healthcare professional about their menopause.

Research also shows that the majority of women are unwilling to discuss menopause related health problems with their line managers or ask for any support they may need.
We’re passionate about the wellbeing of our colleagues and want to equip our workforce to feel comfortable talking about menopause openly.

This webinar covers what menopause is, its symptoms, ways of managing them, thinking about long-term health, GP and workplace conversations and where help is available.

Book your place on the 19 October 2022 colleague menopause session here.