The next Forum Central Learning Disability Members Meet Up will focus on the community mental health transformation work that is happening in Leeds.

The aim of the session will be to make sure the views of the learning disability network are included in the model development and to make sure people with lived experience are involved.

Date: Wednesday 22 June
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Online via Zoom

Context from Richard Barber, Director of The Visible Project

“I am sure that you’re aware that we are embarking on radically transforming community mental health services in Leeds, towards a more integrated model in which Third Sector services play an equal part alongside statutory providers.

Forum Central are supporting the Leeds Community Mental Health Transformation; and in particular, ensuring that the voice of Third Sector is heard and acted upon.

Where things are at now, is that we’ve identified a gap in knowledge, in terms of properly understanding what issues people with learning disabilities and neurodiversity are currently facing when accessing community mental health services; and what they feel they need from a new model.

We are starting to develop the new model and are looking at best and emerging practice – this really needs to include work that the Third Sector has been doing. I’m now Director of The Visible Project, but worked with Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service for 20 years, so know how much cutting-edge work has been done within our sector.

This is our chance to capture the work we’ve done and ensure it’s embedded within the new model. I need your support with this right now please.

As mentioned, Third Sector will have a crucial role in delivering the new model. How, exactly, is yet to be worked out – we are looking at some ‘fundamentals’ first – but all of you will potentially play a role in delivering on these. Right now, I’m wanting your thoughts (based on work you’ve developed or ideas you have) on the following five areas (there is work happening currently to improve the accessibility of the language in these five key areas):

  1. What an ideal ‘front door assessment’ looks like (it’s anticipated that any service will be able to handle incoming referrals and assessments for people entering community mental health services)

  2. What an ideal personalised care plan looks like (as above)

  3. What the role of a ‘Key Worker’ should be (we will be moving away from a statutory Care Coordinator model, with ‘Key Workers’ being situated across statutory and Third Sector settings)

  4. Interventions

  5. What do pathways out of the Hub look like?

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address long-standing issues with how community mental health services are delivered; and to massively improve both service-user and staff experience. Let’s make sure that the work we’ve all been doing over many years is articulated and recognised; and contributes to this aim.”

The agenda for the session is below. Please contact Jez if you have not already received the Zoom link and would like to attend: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at the meet up.

Richard Barber – Director, The Visible Project
Sarah Wilson – Senior Development Worker – Mental Health
Jez Coram – Senior Development Worker – Learning Disabilities


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Intro to Community Mental Health Transformation and Transformation Plain English Video
  3. Context on Leeds
  4. Lived experience involvement update and callout
  5. What information we need – Five key areas
    • Access, assessment and triage
    • Role of a keyworker
    • Personalised Care and Clinical Outcomes
    • Interventions
    • Pathways out of the Hub
  6. Break (Time to consider the five key areas)
  7. Easy Retro Boards – Everyone to take time to fill out the online boards with information on the five key areas
  8. Feedback
  9. Round Up and Next steps
  10. Close