Kinder Leeds will shortly be launching a new website and publishing the first version of its Festival programme, since the decision was taken to hold the September events online.

The event aims to showcase the many different initiatives across the city with presentations from projects at the cutting edge of kindness. The online Festival week will be structured around the following themes:

  • Festival Launch Day – Sunday 6th September
  • Kinder to Self – Monday 7th September
  • Kinder Relationships – Tuesday 8th September
  • Kinder Business – Wednesday 9th September
  • Kinder Spaces – Thursday 10th September
  • Kinder Communities – Friday 11th September
  • Kinder to our Planet – Saturday 12th September

There will be various events and broadcasts each day including webinars, panel discussions and videos and a daily #KindnessExchange and Kind Listening Circles. Some of these will be live events and others will be prerecorded but shared on the day.

Due to all the activity going on with the Power Team and the Core Team, they’ve decided to use their time and energy towards finalising their plans and ensuring that they deliver fantastic events, so will not be holding Open meetings at this time.

Below is a summary of the different ways that you can get involved in addition to attending the events:

If you’d like your group or organisation to be featured, you can film a short video explaining who you are, what you do, where you’re based in Leeds and then answering a question around your theme. This is a way for more people to hear about the amazing work that you do. Please email [email protected] for more details.

If you want to organise your own event within your group/organisation/neighbourhood then let the team know what you’re planning and tag them in your social media posts.

Please share information about the Festival with your personal and professional networks and ask them to do the same. They can sign up to the Kinder Leeds newsletter to find out more or follow #KinderLeeds on social media. They want to reach as many people as possible and the advantage of an online Festival is that those who are further afield can now participate in events.

You can experience one of the Kind Listening Circles, a 1 hour facilitated practice session of listening and appreciation around questions related to the themes. These will take place throughout the week but please note that there are limited places, so make sure you register early.