Dear colleagues

Hope you are all doing ok. Here at Healthwatch Leeds we are here to hear the experiences of everyone in Leeds using health and care services.

Over this difficult time we will be voicing the real-time issues that people in our communities are facing, particularly those with the greatest health inequalities.

For example, we are already hearing people are receiving different messages around current access to GP services depending on where you live in Leeds, that people are worried about how they are going to get their repeat prescriptions.

We are also hearing about the concerns from families as care homes have to close their doors. The big increase in anxiety and fears, it would be useful to hear over the next few weeks from yourselves around the issues facing the people that you work with.

To get in contact with us please contact us on 0113 898 0035 or email us at [email protected].

Alternatively we can call you regularly to check in to temperature check how it is for your community?

We look forward to hearing from you, but in the meantime, wishing everyone all the very best from us all at Healthwatch Leeds over the coming weeks.