ACTIVAGE is an EU funded project aiming to promote healthy and active lifestyles and reduce social isolation for over 65s through use of technology.

Are you aged 65 years or older and living in Leeds?

Would you like a Samsung Smart Phone, Smart Watch and Home Sensors for free to keep?

See how these could help with being connected, healthy and active.

Sign up today at | phone 07891279805

The criteria for involvement are that you are 65 or over and living in Leeds, and for the equipment to work you need to have broadband at home.  Your carers and family members can also be involved.

More information about the Activage project is available on this site

If you participate in the project you will be contacted to arrange for the devices to be installed in your home.

During the installation visit you will be shown how to use each device and given information about any support you might need in using the devices during the 12 month period.

You can then simply use the devices for the time period.

You may be contacted by the project team during the 12 month period to see how you are getting on.

To take part please go to the survey webpage here…