The new Age Friendly Leeds Strategy and Action Plan (2019 – 2022) has now been published.

The action plan is structured around six topic areas adapted for Leeds from the Age Friendly City domains developed by the World Health Organisation:

  • Housing
  • Public and Civic Spaces
  • Travel and road safety
  • Active, included and respected
  • Healthy and independent ageing
  • Employment and learning

Cross cutting themes across all the topic areas are:

  • Effective communications – providing information about services and activities in a range of formats that older people can easily access and which suit their needs
  • Access to digital technology – help and support for people who want to use digital technology to make their life better
  • Engagement and co-production with older people – involving and consulting with older people on the development, delivery, management and evaluation of services and projects which affect them.
  • Inequalities – recognising the barriers faced by older people who are, or are at risk of, being vulnerable or disadvantaged, and putting interventions in place to remove or reduce these barriers.

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