It has come to light that some banks have been imposing limits on how much money people with Learning Disabilities can withdraw in a week.

Chapeltown CAB have received a number of complaints from customers and carers regarding how they are being treated when trying to make withdrawals from their bank accounts.

One particular bank has put a restriction on how much money customers with learning disabilities can withdraw per week. The figure the bank has limited withdrawals to is £150.00 (and possibly being asked to invoice any additional costs to the bank).

This figure has not been generated according to customer’s needs or support plans. The customers have not been informed of this in writing in advance. The customers have been verbally informed of this by the bank and through their support workers who usually attend the bank with them.

The bank states its reason for this restriction as ‘protecting’ and safeguarding customers who cannot show intent of withdrawal verbally themselves from financial abuse. We have been involved in trying to resolve this issue with the bank in question.

Have you had a problem?
In order to continue to support the rights of customers with learning disabilities, we would like to gage how many customers (and carers) are experiencing the same or similar problem.

Although we want to ensure customers are not being financially abused, we also want to ensure their rights are also not being abused and they are treated equally and fairly. This means the banks applying the same rules to everyone regardless of disabilities.

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