Battle Scars is asking for views about under 18s self-harm support services – please help by filling in their survey.

Battle Scars is a small Leeds based charity currently mostly working with adults who self-harm (18+). They have now started to expand the age range they support cover all children and young people but they need your help.

  • What issues do you face?
  • What sort of support would you like available?
  • How do you think we could reach these young people more effectively?
  • What support can we provide staff and parents / carers?

You can help by filling in this survey and encouraging colleagues to do so too.

Please feel free to forward and share the link:


The aim of Battle Scars is to provide support to anybody affected by self-harm which includes those who self-harm, their families, friends, and anybody who works with them. Our definition of self-harm is broad: harm inflicted on the body with immediate and longer term effect such as cutting, burning, scratching, hitting, pulling hair, nipping skin, overdosing, poisoning, eating disorders (all food related self-harm), risk-taking behaviour etc. and psychological harm to the self such as self-neglect, obsessive negative thinking, sabotaging relationships etc. We do not cover drug and alcohol abuse as other organisations have more expertise in these areas.

Self-harm is on the rise. More cases and more children starting younger. Modern life stresses, bullying, traumatic experiences, gaps in development and pressure to succeed are some of the reasons children pick up self-harm as a coping method. If we intervene early we can support them pull back from this self-destructive path, help them build resilience and develop more effective and safer managing skills to cope better with what life throws at them.