This year, we’re taking the Big Leeds Chat on tour throughout September and October and there are lots of ways to get involved.

The Big Leeds Chat usually takes place as one big event in Kirkgate Market but this year we’re going out into our Leeds communities to speak to people about what matters to them.

What is the Big Leeds Chat all about?

The Big Leeds Chat is 2 months of Leeds listening to people of Leeds. There are local events taking place across the city where senior decision makers in Health and Care want to hear directly from citizens. How has it been for the last 18 months, what can be improved in your area and what do you like where you live? Its over to you to have your say!

Host your own chat

We would love to hear from community groups who might like to have their own Big Leeds Chat. The idea is simple, if you have a session/event planned with your service users then, let us know and we’ll get the decision maker to come and make sure your community is heard.

If you want to find out more about what’s happening near you phone the team 0113 898 0035, email [email protected] or visit

Find your local chat

07 October from 9am until 6pm, Book online at or phone 0113 898 0035.

St Mary the Less, Community Room, Allerton Bywater, WF10 2ES, Tuesday 5th October 10am -1.30pm

Armley Moor, LS12 3HD, Saturday 11th September, 1pm-6pm

Beeston Festival Cross Flatts Park, Saturday 18th September, 10am-3pm

Fairfield Community Centre, Fairfield Terrace, LS13 3DQ, Monday 20th September 1.30pm-4.30pm

Fairfield Community Centre, Fairfield Terrace, LS13 3DQ, Monday 27th September 1.30pm-4.30pm

Bramley Shopping Centre 10-12pm, Pudsey Market/Park 1-4pm, Tuesday 28th September

St Georges Crypt, Wednesday 27th October, 11.30am-2.30pm

Shopping Centre (LS15 8ET) outside Wilkos, Thursday 30th September, 10.30-4pm

Halliday Court Sheltered Housing Complex, Garforth LS25 1ET, Monday 4th October 10.30am-2pm

NET Building, Dover Street, Garforth LS25 2LP Monday 4th October 9.30am -2pm

NET Building, Dover Street Garforth LS25 2LP, Thursday 7th October (times tbc)

OPAL, 55 Bedford Drive, LS16 6DJ, Saturday 4th September, 11am-3pm

Cross Hills Court Sheltered Housing Complex Kippax LS25. Tuesday 5th October 10.00am – 2pm

coop 60 High Street, Kippax, Leeds, LS25 7AB, Saturday 9th October (times tbc)

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, dates and times tbc

Churchville Community Centre, Micklefield, LS25 4AW, Wednesday 6th October 10.30 -2pm

Groundwork, Merlyn Rees Ave, LS27 9SL, Wednesday 22nd September 10am-12pm, Thursday 23rd September 1pm-3pm and Friday 24th September 10am-1pm

Astley Court Sheltered Housing Complex, Swillington, LS26 8UD, Tuesday 5th October 10.30am- 1.30pm

Primrose House Community Centre, Church Lane, Swillington, LS26 8QJ, Thursday 7th October (times tbc)

Market/Town Hall, Thursday 21st October, 11am-3pm

What is Big Leeds Chat?

Join in the Big Leeds Chat online extravaganza! 07 October from 9am until 6pm

We know some people don’t want to attend ‘real life events’ but still want the opportunity to take part and be heard.
You can take part in taster sessions through the day in cooking, exercise, art and music. All free to attend.
Book online at or phone 0113 898 0035.

There is also the opportunity to talk in private or in groups with decision makers from Hospitals and other services as well as our chatmakers throughout the day.