A new toolkit has been launched with an aim of building food resilience in Leeds. The toolkit was developed by Foodwise and co-produced with Food Aid Providers across Leeds.

What is the aim of food resilience: to support people from emergency and crisis support to creating pathways to independence

The toolkit has been co-produced with food aid providers, building upon existing partnerships to ensure a city-wide approach to providing compassionate, practical help to support people who are experiencing food insecurity, to build resilience, so they are less likely to need food support in the future.

How to use: The toolkit has been designed for use by frontline workers and volunteers to support them in delivering their service. It also contains useful information for organisations providing or looking to provide food aid provision.

The toolkit is divided into three sections:

  1. About food aid provision and resilience
  2. Signposting to services which can offer support
  3. Information for food aid providers

View the toolkit here: https://leedsfoodpartnership.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/building-food-resilience-toolkit.pdf