By Daniel Drinkwater

The Wildside Venture has been established to promote opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and autism to access the “Wild”.

As a support worker for adults with learning disabilities for many years I came to notice a lack of programmes to help the individuals I support to access the countryside in the way that I enjoy myself. The countryside has always been a place of therapeutic qualities for many of us. From long walks in the sunshine, mountain biking through the forest to laying at night in a tent and listening to some rain. (We are in Britain after all)

I want to offer educational, exhilarating and enjoyable two night camping trips to various locations with various activities.

So far we have ventures to the ‘Great Yorkshire Forest’ – Dalby Forest and the amazing Great Langdale deep in the heart of the Lake District. Both locations give the chance to enjoy an adventure, from tree top climbing to gorge scrambling.

Each two night trip will be led by two group leaders educating you in knowledge about the locations and the ‘Wildside’ as well as facilitating group activities and those all-important camp fires! All camping equipment is included; tents, cooking utensils, mats, chairs. We do expect you to bring sleeping bags/duvets and pillows (if you enjoy luxury).

Please head over to and check out what we have to offer and please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Daniel Drinkwater