The team at the West Yorkshire Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub are opening their successful coaching training to Third Sector colleagues.

Individual coaching skills training

Most of us use coaching skills and approaches every day. Growing evidence suggests effective coaching skills contribute to personal wellbeing, innovation, care outcomes, teamworking and leadership effectiveness. Despite pressures and constraints in the care sector investment in coaching has grown reflecting the value of more person-centred approaches that create ownership, engagement and meaningful accomplishment. During the pandemic staff and volunteers accessing coaching have demonstrated maintenance or improvements in wellbeing compared to those who have not. The sessions are open to all staff and volunteers and are designed to help participants improve their use of coaching skills in everyday conversations that matter.

As part of the training you will have the opportunity to engage in a 1-to-1 coaching session arranged at a mutually convenient time.

To apply

No previous coaching experience is required and the courses are open to all grades, roles and volunteer groups.

Individual applicants (must be able to attend all 4 sessions).

Cohort 3: 14 Feb am, 02 Feb am, 01 March pm, 07 March am

Cohort 4: 14, 21, 28 March and 04 April – all am


30 January – Allocated on a first come basis.

Please email – [email protected]

Include the following information in your email: Name, contact details, organisation, cohort preference and ethnicity (if willing to disclose – this will allow us to target places).


Team coaching

We also recognise it can be extremely beneficial to take a whole team approach to enable teams to think and grow together. Effective teamworking is a journey not a destination and it’s a journey worth investing in. Effective teams deliver better and safer care, they adapt to change. Their members are valued for their contribution and experience higher levels of wellbeing. The context of a pandemic creates additional challenges for teams and their members including virtual working, boundary management, communication and decision making. Team members face risks of reduced wellbeing, resilience and burnout.

Our programme offers bespoke support to individual teams that includes the following:

  • Working with team leaders to understand the team’s context and needs.
  • Design of a bespoke skills training for the team.
  • Up to 3 half day skills sessions for team members

To apply team applications

Deadline: 15 April

Selection:  by 29 April

Delivery: June -August 2022.

Please send expressions of interest to [email protected]

Capacity will be prioritised to support teams who demonstrate:

  • A context and challenges facing the team
  • Commitment to team development beyond this work.
  • Tangible benefits to the teams wellbeing inclusion and performance.
  • Commitment to work with us to evaluate the work and share learning.

Please include the following information in your expressions of interest:

Contact information: Organisation, Team, Team leader ( name and email).

Team context and challenges: Give a brief introduction to the team. What is its purpose?  Its membership?  The development of the team to date and its challenges moving forward.

Goals for this work: Tell us how coaching skills and approaches would support the team. What benefit should this work achieve?

For further information about either of the opportunities please contact Kerry Hinsby (Clinical Lead, Staff Wellbeing Hub) on [email protected]