Below is a list of upcoming training sessions with Community Matters that are taking place between September and December. The training sessions will be delivered entirely online and will mean lower costs for participants.

The cost of the training sessions will be £7.00. Or for organisations that have paid a membership subscription to Community Matters, the price will be £5.00

To book places either follow the links to the Eventbrite pages, or contact [email protected]

19 September – Having Difficult Conversations

Talking to each other effectively is something that at times needs careful planning to avoid making a situation worse. This session will go through some helpful tips to prepare for difficult conversations and look at the conversations themselves.

12 October – Make Your Social Media More Effective

Do you get the most engagement from your Twitter, Facebook or your Instagram posts? Why do some posts get more clicks than others? How to increase engagement.

17 October – Safeguarding for Trustees and Community Buildings

This session will look at the legislation, and what Trustees need to know and do. It will also look at how best to apply it in a Community Building setting where you may be hiring space but have little direct interaction with the vulnerable people attending the activities.

7 November – GDPR and Data Security

Who is trying to access your data and what are the implications of this? Also, what can you do to make it more difficult for people to steal your data.

21 November – Stragetic Plans

Strategic plans are one of the key documents as an organisation starts to grow, especially in the current climate where organisations have to search wider for funding. A good strategic plan helps keep an organisation grounded in its work and should help prevent mission drift.

5 December – The Essential Trustee

This short session is designed for Trustees of charities to help understand their role, responsibilities and duties.