Radio is a great way of connecting with others from a distance and now more than ever, local radio stations are playing a key role in providing listeners not only with the latest news and information, but much needed entertainment.

Fever FM and East Leeds FM are just two examples of radio stations doing a remarkable job of supporting our communities. We are encouraging you to highlight and share details of these much-needed services at this challenging time.

Fever FM (107.3), which serves all the South Asian communities throughout the city and broadcasts programs in English, Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi, and Mirpuri, is keeping listeners updated with the government and NHS advice on Coronavirus. Programmes are delivered with the support of local councillors, doctors and the NHS campaign. Many listeners have been in touch to share that they are facing mental health issues with isolation and worries about the future, especially the older and even the younger generation. At the moment the station is being operated despite reduced workforce. Find out more about what’s on here.

East Leeds FM (94.6), the community radio station operated by arts centre Chapel FM, recently went live on FM radio for the first time thanks to a successful petition, which has enabled it to reach people who don’t have internet access. The station is broadcasting ‘Keeping a Distance, Staying Close’, a daily show from 10am-1pm keeping listeners connected by sharing stories, conversations, practical advice, music, writing and other art forms, along with a range of other programmes. Find out more about what’s on and listen to the latest programmes here.