As part of the council’s response to Covid-19, Connecting Leeds is taking emergency action to help the public safely make their essential walking or cycling trips, and is welcoming ideas from the public.

The proposed actions are intended to help people maintain social distancing while making essential trips, as well as extending the benefits we’ve seen during lockdown of increased active travel, improved air quality and reduced traffic and noise.

Ideas around the following themes are encouraged, or you can go directly to “Suggest a Scheme” to help to create better spaces for walking and cycling in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Creating more pedestrian space in public places through installing barriers. This has already begun in the city centre and is planned for local and district centres in coming weeks.
  • Creating more pedestrian and cycle space on main roads, including expanding the cycle network.
  • Increasing cycle parking provision at business and residential buildings.
  • Quieter residential streets, using point closures to create ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’.
  • Creating car-free space outside schools through installing temporary barriers, bollards and cameras.

Feedback on the proposals, as well any other ideas, can be submitted to the consultation here.