As we continue responding and adapting to the coronavirus pandemic, we are aware there is a significant amount of information being shared with people and with local organisations.

This can lead to confusion, at a time when people more than ever need clarity. Therefore, we have developed this bulletin to try and bring our key health and care messages together in one place, so that you have the most reliable information to share with your networks. This week’s bulletin can now be accessed here.

We have a key role as third sector organisations in getting messages out to vulnerable or seldom heard communities and this week’s focus is raising awareness that the NHS is still here for people. This is a crucial message as there’s concern among health and care colleagues that people are not accessing medical care when they really need to. This could be due to people being worried they may get coronavirus if attending a healthcare setting or because they feel duty bound to protect the NHS by not adding to the pressure being experienced.

As a result, a new campaign has been launched in Leeds this week called ‘Your NHS is here for you’ so that people don’t put off getting care which could have life or limb-threatening consequences. Messages cover key health concerns such as heart attacks, stroke or cancer as well as reminding parents and carers of babies and young children to access care quickly when they need to.

Of course we must continue to encourage people to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. However this does not mean risking your own health or that of your loved ones to do so. This week our ask is that you share the key messages in this bulletin and actively support this campaign.