Coronavirus – update and resources

The national Government has issued the revised guidance around the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
The response phase has been upgraded from containment to delay, with the Prime Minister reflecting that this was “the worst public health crisis for a generation”.
Older people are more likely to become severely ill if they catch it, the NHS says. Generally, it says anyone over the age of 65 is considered an “older person” but there is no strict definition as people age at different rates.
As yet, the government has not issued any advice suggesting older people should be kept away from the wider population. The guidance in relation to older people aged over 70, and people with underlying health conditions like chronic diseases and diabetes, is to not travel on cruise ships.
Other new guidance as part of the delay phase is for anybody exhibiting symptoms such as a fever or a new persistent cough to self-isolate for seven days from onset of the first symptoms regardless of whether or not they or anyone they know has been out of the country.
People do not need to call NHS111 to go into self-isolation. However, if symptoms worsen during home isolation or are no better after 7 days people are to contact NHS 111 online. If people have no internet access, they should call NHS 111 and in a medical emergency dial 999.
Guidance and advice can change daily and it is important that you continue to check these resources regularly to ensure you stay up to date on developments.
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