Forum Central is working with Voluntary Action Leeds, Healthwatch and Leeds City Council Communities Team to support ‘communities of interest’ ie groups of people who share an identity, for example the African Caribbean community, or those who share an experience, for example people with learning disabilities.

This will build on our joint networks.  We are keen that the city’s joint efforts make use of existing support and provision; builds longer term resilience and meets the needs of the most vulnerable communities. We will only achieve this if we work together, so please do let us know if you would like to get involved. 

Tom Riordan has asked that we pass on a message of thanks to you all for the great work that you are all doing in partnership with so many others across the city in these difficult times.

Rachel and Pip met with him this week as part of our regular catch up about the sector in Health and Care, and to hear from him how we can best use opportunities to further strengthen our sector voice, and support least heard voices across our diverse membership.

Tom said that he and the city massively appreciates the work that the sector always invests, especially at the current time when the third sector is central to the city’s response to Covid-19