Leeds City Council has put together these Frequently Asked Questions to help people in Leeds to navigate the new Government guidance around local coronavirus restrictions. The following response is of most relevance:

Can local support/charitable groups still go ahead?
This is a complex area and each case maybe slightly different. All cases should be judged against the clear intention of these restrictions being to limit contact, but whilst also trying to avoid a detrimental impact on broader wellbeing. If groups consider the rules allow them to go ahead, then take all additional precautions possible.

For example, small group sessions that offer support for vulnerable residents who live alone, and who do not have access to a support bubble, can go ahead but organisations should be mindful of the need to minimise contact, maintain social distancing of 2m at all times and ensure frequent use of hand sanitiser products. We would advise that group sessions are capped at 6 attendees and should not take place where distancing of 2m cannot be maintained.

The document also outlines the key messages that we should be continuing to follow and promote in order to do our bit to limit the spread of the virus. In addition, here are the two most relevant links that can help answer most questions: West Yorkshire restrictions and Leeds City Council website.