Routes to Support For The Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

Partners across the Leeds system are working together to ensure support and information is available to people across all communities who need it, including through the ward hubs, and targeted at specific communities for example through Culturally appropriate food hubs. This document detailing information and Routes to Support for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable (being used to replace ‘shielding’ as this is different in this second phase of lockdown) in Leeds has been updated in response to new national guidance published last week. The document is intended to assist anyone working with people in Leeds who may have been advised that they are clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. Local support is also available via the following routes:

The latest Government guidance for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable can be accessed online here. Others living in a household with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable are not advised to follow this guidance. They should instead continue to attend work and school in accordance with the general advice and regulations set out in the National Restrictions guidance from 5 November. Employees who are clinically extremely vulnerable should not be in work, but need to contact their employer to review their individual employment guidance, or CAB or ACAS if advice is required.

Second Lockdown Key Messages 

Leeds City Council have created the following key messages featuring the latest restrictions, with a focus on what people can do during lockdown. A Twitter and Facebook graphic are available to help to share these messages. Translated documents are in progress and will be shared as soon as possible.

Stay home except for:

  • Childcare and education
  • Work, if you cannot work from home
  • Exercise, with your household or with one other person
  • Medical reasons
  • Shopping for essentials
  • Visiting someone in your bubble 

Additional COVID Testing Sites

Test sites in the city are all bookable through the NHS or by calling 119. In addition to Temple Moor, Bridge Street and Gryphon Sports Centre, mobile testing units that are deployed from DHSC, as well as Leeds City Council’s local pop up testing van, are all operating.

  • Mandela Centre (indoor testing site) – open from 7 November
  • Pudsey Civic Centre (external modular unit) – open fully from Wednesday 11 November
  • Fearnville Leisure Centre (external modular unit) – pilot and opening planned for w/c 16 November

Impact of ‘Long Covid’

We have been asked to feed back about what people are seeing in terms of the growing impact of ‘long covid’, the long-lasting impact of coronavirus infection. This is something that is not yet fully understood as many people are experiencing it without necessarily having had a positive Covid test. If you have any insight or examples to share regarding the people who work with and support, please get in touch via [email protected].

Update on Funerals

Leeds City Council needs help to tackle a serious and urgent need to address the number of people who attend funerals in Leeds. This number is regularly exceeding the government’s restrictions of 30 mourners at a funeral and if it continues, the council will have no option but to introduce a firmer, more enforcement-led approach, to protect staff. Please help to share the following messages for people to consider when they might be thinking of attending a funeral:

  1. families may have already invited up to 30 mourners so please reconsider your attendance so that the numbers do not exceed 30
  2. please consider the health and wellbeing of council staff and funeral directors who throughout coronavirus have continued to work extremely hard and with great commitment to ensure burials can go ahead.

For other ‘lifecycle events’ such as grave stone settings or the strewing of ashes the number of attendees must not exceed 15 (this number excludes the person who performs the religious service or ceremony, known as an officiant). Follow this link for the latest government guidance on funerals

Leeds Cultural Food Hub Update
During this period of enhanced national restrictions, the cultural food hub will continue to operate as normal with:

  • Hamara supporting the South, West and North of the city
  • Give a Gift supporting the East of the city

For a recap of the cultural food offer, please visit this link.

Get Help for Your Organisation’s Unmet Needs

Voluntary Action Leeds has recently joined the VCS Emergency Partnership, which can help you get the things you need to help communities.

Through its regional structure, the VCS Emergency Partnership (a partnership of big national charities and local infrastructure organisations like VAL) is building a picture of how the pandemic is affecting third sector organisations and communities around the country. One of the great things about the Partnership is that it meets with national government regularly, so if the things that you see changing match with the experience elsewhere, you can be sure that national decision makers will hear about it.

Perhaps the most important thing that the VCS EP does is that it can also direct resources, like food or PPE to organisations on the ground, where those needs can’t be met locally. Once you tell them what you need, VAL’s nominated representative Rich Warrington feeds your request into the regional system and it swings into action. Contact [email protected] to:

  • make a request for support
  • feed in your thoughts about how the pandemic is changing community/third sector needs
  • have a chat about what the partnership is and how it works

Further information on the partnership can be found on the Doing Good Leeds website.