A new real-time briefing published by Healthwatch Leeds is designed to give an insight into how people in Leeds are experiencing digital inclusion and exclusion as of Autumn 2020, and can be viewed online here.

The report focuses on the Communities of Interest network and their observations of the digital barriers they face, the innovative work they’ve done to overcome these since March and the support they need from the city to ensure everyone can access services the way they need to.

It follows on from the report the People’s Voices Group published in July 2020, which highlighted how residents experienced the move to digitised health and care services in Leeds during and pre-lockdown, particularly when they face the greatest health inequalities.

Through the group, a pilot is being led by the LCP team in Middleton and Beeston around digital inclusion, linked to an agreed funding of £100k for digital inclusion through the CCG as part of the Health Inequalities Framework.

City Digital are part of the task group set up through PVG to develop a system wide metric to measure digital inclusion along the existing metrics through 100% Digital.