Public Health England (PHE) has published a descriptive review of data on disparities in the risk and outcomes from COVID-19 which confirms that the impact of COVID-19 has replicated existing health inequalities and, in some cases, has increased them.

The largest disparity found was by age. Among people already diagnosed with COVID-19, people who were 80 or older were seventy times more likely to die than those under 40. Risk of dying among those diagnosed with COVID-19 was also higher in males than females; higher in those living in the more deprived areas than those living in the least deprived; and higher in those in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups than in White ethnic groups.

The review presents findings based on surveillance data available to PHE at the time of its publication, including through linkage to broader health data sets. The results improve PHE’s understanding of the pandemic and will help in formulating the future public health response to it.

The report and data pack can be accessed online here.