Do you work with Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse?  Read on for news of resources to equip your staff to be confident working in this area.

Visible has developed a city-wide Policy Statement- Supporting adults who have experienced Child Sexual Abuse and Action Planning Resource to equip organisations to develop staff and improve services.

Take a look at their website packed full of tips, training materials, signposting information and much more!!

Visible aims to:

  • Support improvements in the responses of services to adults with experience of child sexual abuse
  • Support the statutory and third sectors in developing policies and best practices
  • Equip staff with awareness of child sexual abuse and confidence to develop competence
  • Impact policy and commissioning practice

Visible also helps organisations to demonstrate evidence of improvements to funders and commissioners.

Organisations across Leeds are using their Policy Statement- Supporting adults who have experienced Child Sexual Abuse to drive improvements.

For more details and online sign up, please look at their website  Signing up only takes 30 seconds!

Organisations that have already adopted the Policy Statement include:

  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust
  • NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Leeds City Council (see Executive Board webcast)
  • Forward Leeds
  • Leeds Women’s Aid
  • Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service
  • Basis Yorkshire and
  • Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service

They have also developed an Action Planning Resource to help organisations develop their own unique Action Plan for implementing its commitments under the Policy Statement.

If you would like to know more or obtain support to take positive action, please contact them.

Visit or contact Visible [email protected]  or 0113 245 5725