Disability equality charity Scope is still operating two employment services, albeit slightly differently to the usual delivery. Both services are suitable for people with any disability, physical impairment, mental health condition, sensory impairment, learning difficulty, or long-term health condition.

  • Starting Line: This service includes support from an Employment Adviseor via phone, email, or Skype (or a combination of all three). It is most suitable for people who haven’t worked before or not worked for a long time and are not currently working. It covers a course of modules in pre-employability skills, combined with one to one tailored support and guidance. Starting Line takes place over seven weeks, and while usually a group course, the current one-to-one format means the service can be adjusted to suit a customer’s pace. Customers are typically contacted twice weekly. Customers can expect to finish the course with goal setting skills, an updated and improved CV, interview skills, sector specific job search knowledge, and guidance on how to talk about their disability/health condition.
  • Kickstart: This service also features support from an Employment Adviser via phone, email, or Skype (or a combination of all three). It is most suitable for those who have recently worked, have a consistent work history, and feel ready to work. The support is one-to-one and fully focused on the customer’s specific employment goals. Kickstart can work with customers for up to six months and customers are typically contacted every fortnight, although advisers remain a point of contact between arranged meetings. Customers will receive an updated and improved CV, tailored guidance, and a regularly updated action plan.

If you have any questions, if you want to arrange a virtual meeting or telephone call, or you think you might have a suitable customer for either of the above services, please get in touch with Andy Philpott: [email protected]