Campaign Bootcamp provides free support and training on how to run effective campaigns to community groups in Yorkshire as part of their Everyday Activism programme .

Groups can receive up to 30  hours of bespoke training on how to take action on a range of issues.

They work with groups of people who share a common concern and who are ready to act together to improve life for themselves and their communities.

They focus on people from marginalised communities directly impacted by the issues on which they are campaigning and prioritise people who have little to no campaigning experience.

Training can be about:

  • Local issues
  • Wider campaigns to change services
  • To argue for change to government policy.

Sessions are designed to suit the group – weekly, day time or evening, weekends or whole days.

Some groups meet every week for four months and cover a whole campaigning plan, others meet for a few sessions to brush up on their strategy, building their allies or improving how they work together as a team, It’s up to the group, after an introductory session to help decide what they want to concentrate on.

Some groups have never met each other before and have come together just to tackle an issue, others have been meeting for some time and want to develop or improve a campaign.

What’s more, in addition to the free support and training, they can pay for travel costs for those who need it, room hire and refreshments!

Child care and interpreter costs can be negotiated.

You can also check out their website for more information

Download Everyday Activism flyer here…