We’ve been hearing from Forum Central members that a really key piece of work is around the format in which people want to access services into the future, including “blended/hybrid models” which mix face to face and online methods.

Feedback so far has been that there are a huge range of different ways to connect with people – and that people want to build on the successes of online working during the pandemic, but want more space to discuss what this could look like.

We’ll be hosting discussions at the following groups – if you’re not a member of any of these existing groups but want to attend a discussion, you’re welcome to attend.

  • 19 May: Forum Central Communities of Interest Meeting
  • 26 May: Forum Central Mental Health Info & Strategy Meeting
  • 17 June: People’s Voices Group Digital Inclusion Subgroup

We’ll be posing the following questions:

  • Tell us about the ways you connected with people online during the pandemic
  • Has anyone done a mixture of online/face to face (eg a fitness class where the instructor is on a screen with participants all in one room, or a meeting where some people are on zoom and
  • some are in person), or heard of organisations who are doing this?
  • Would organisations like to connect in this way? What do you think it might look like?
  • How can organisations make sure that any changes they make to ways of working meet the needs of the people they are working with? How can they involve them in this process?

We don’t have the answers, as it’s so individual to different people’s needs, but we know how important it is to get together and share ideas. The plan is to do a series of discussions in different groups, identify some case studies, and produce an event during Coproduction Week (Thursday 8 July, 1-2.30pm) to share the learning from the third sector.

Email [email protected]uk for more details or to attend any of the discussions listed above.