The vital MindWell resource ‘Finding support in a mental health crisis’ has been updated with the latest information about how people in Leeds can seek support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Once again, MindWell has worked with Healthwatch Leeds to ensure the most relevant information is presented in a user-friendly way. The original resource was first launched a  year ago, for World Mental Health Day, to make it easier for people to find help in a mental health crisis following the publication of the Healthwatch Leeds Mental Health Crisis in Leeds’ report.

The new format means it can now be printed and folded up so people can carry it in their pocket or bag (or alternatively downloaded to your mobile phone).

View and download the resource: Finding support in a mental health crisis (Covid-19 update)

This resource will be kept up-to-date if any services change. For more help and information you can visit

For information for people under 18, please see the MindMate website: