FREE 2.5 hr First Aid Awareness Training

//FREE 2.5 hr First Aid Awareness Training
By Don Buxton, Community Engagement Trainer, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Here are further details of the FREE 2.5 hr First Aid Awareness courses which we are currently offering to communities across the Yorkshire Ambulance Service area of North, South, West and East Yorkshire.

I would like to offer the members of your community, parish, congregation, masjid, friends, family, colleagues or community contacts and/or their families, or their friends, the opportunity to have a FREE 2.5 hr First Aid Awareness course, for those who are 16 years of age or older.

I am successfully delivering the same course to schools, parishes and ethnically diverse communities across the whole of Yorkshire, and it is always very well received.

The course covers:
  • How to recognise a Suspected Heart Attack
  • How, when and why to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Demonstration with AED Training Machine
  • How to perform Hands-Only Chest Compressions (CPR)
  • How, when and why to place an Unconscious Breathing person into the Recovery Position
  • How to recognise and deal with a Choking Situation
  • How to deal with a Suspected Stroke (FAST)
  •  How to deal with Life-Threatening or Serious Bleeding (Adult – Child – Baby protocols will be shown)

 Numbers could range from 12 to 20 in any group.

Perhaps you could arrange for the use of a room in your community, or other premises, for the occasion, and also arrange for free on-site car parking for my YAS van ?

I can deliver the training on any day of the week or weekend, at a time to suit the convenience of your community. More than one event can be arranged if demand is sufficient.

This FREE training is open to anyone of 16-years or above, who either lives or works in Yorkshire, so the members of your community are eligible, and I will be delighted to deliver the training to them.

I can provide all the training aids, and most importantly:

  • a YAS Certificate of Attendance (not a qualification) which would look rather nice in anyone’s CV or portfolio,
  • and a FREE disposable YAS Emergency CPR Resuscitation Faceshield.

This may be a useful tool for members of your community who wish to add a vocational skill to their CV.

Whilst the training is delivered FREE OF CHARGE at the point of delivery, the finance for this training is provided by Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charitable Fund, who receive donations and legacies from the public and community organisations to sustain this innovative training and other lifesaving initiatives.

I always have my YAS Charitable Fund collecting box with me to collect any donations which grateful members of the public feel able to give.

Here’s some FREE YAS online learning resources – scroll down to the bottom of the page:

Please contact me via my e-mail address below to arrange suitable times and dates if this proposition is of interest to you and your friends, family, colleagues or community, or equally feel free to circulate this e-mail to any other Yorkshire colleagues, school, masjid or church colleagues or friends or contacts anywhere else in Yorkshire.

My e-mail contact details are

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