GamCare is working in partnership with the NHS Northern Gambling Service and NECA to provide integrated support services to anyone experiencing gambling harms across Leeds and the surrounding area.

The Leeds Community Gambling Service offers a range of support which can be provided face-to-face, online or over the phone. They offer a range of short- and longer-term interventions which may be accessed one-to-one or as group courses.

Support and treatment plans will be tailored so everyone gets the right support at the right time. They can support gamblers as well as those who are affected by the gambling behaviour of a family member or friend.

All of their services are free of charge and completely confidential. Individuals can access their services however they feel most comfortable:

As well as offering information, advice and support for individuals and families affected by gambling or related harms across Leeds and the surrounding area, GamCare provide a range of outreach and training services to the local community:

  1. Early interventions – engagement work with the local community and targeted support for at-risk groups that prevent issues from escalating
  2. Support across the criminal justice system – engagement and joint working with police, prisons and probation services.
  3. Education and prevention – workshops for young people and training for professionals delivered by our Youth Outreach team.
  4. Free, bespoke training – awareness raising services for Leeds and the surrounding area.

Call us on 0113 388 6466 to discuss what GamCare can offer your organisation!

Download GamCare leaflet (pdf)