Leeds Recovery College are working with Leeds Health and Care One Workforce to offer a series of free wellbeing retreats and workshops exclusively for health and care staff.

Leeds Recovery College opened in 2019 and delivers a range of education and training courses that have been specifically designed to increase awareness and understanding of mental health, wellbeing and personal recovery.

Our Third Sector colleagues working across the health and care system are invited to join the following workshops or choose from wellbeing retreats, WRAP® courses and facilitated Compassion Circles.

  • Introduction to the Four Agreements, Friday 27 May, exploring the helpful and unhelpful agreements that we make with ourselves and others.
  • Creating your essential self care kit, Friday 10 June, identifying the key tools that are in our personal armory to help in managing daily stressors and stain.
  • Creating healthy boundaries, Friday 24 June, reflecting on what healthy boundaries mean for us in our personal and working lives.
  • Self-compassion, Friday 08 July, exploring whether you offer the same care and understanding to yourself as you give to others.

For full course details, please click here.

For all course bookings, please contact Leeds Recovery College via your work email to confirm your eligibility to: [email protected] or call 0113 855 5127 for course enquiries.