The second stage of Leeds City Council’s citywide conversation to help identify the skills needed now and for the future of the city’s economy is underway. The ‘Future Talent Leeds’ discussion is open to anyone over 16 to be part of, along with all businesses, sectors, industries and organisations in the city.

The conversation aims to hear the thoughts of as many people as possible to help shape the Future Talent Plan for Leeds. Recognising the jobs, skills and business landscape in the city has altered dramatically in recent years with changes to national government policy,  the extra powers we have achieved through devolution, Brexit and Covid-19, we now need a skills and talent plan that is agile and works to support people and businesses across Leeds to thrive in the face of change.

The second phase will run until Thursday 25 November. The conversation is open to those who have already taken part, as well as those who are yet to join in and want to further discuss and develop the ideas and views put forward to shape the Future Talent Plan for the city.

What was said about Health & Care in the last conversation?

“As a Charity who supports adults with learning disabilities and autism, it is challenging for people to gain work due to lack of opportunities that provide supported work placements due to funding and time etc. There needs to be more support and investment in employers for them to offer supported work placements that can build and develop individuals skills and knowledge and to grow confidence, experience and a career opportunities!”

“Going back a couple of decades, when most social care was directly provided by the Council, the front-line work was low-paid, but there were clear pathways for people to become senior care workers, managers, and move on through the Council structure. There was also a route via secondment to training to qualified social work. Now that work is outsourced to the private sector, there are fewer opportunities for people to progress”

By having your say and joining the conversation, we can successfully and collaboratively address issues such as unemployment, inclusion and diversity, digital skills and climate change whilst also ensuring we have in place the support and skills needed to thrive as a city as we emerge from Covid-19.

So please take part and spread the word about #FutureTalentLeeds to your networks, colleagues and service users: