Voluntary Action Leeds has recently joined the VCS Emergency Partnership, which can help you get the things you need to help communities.

Through its regional structure, the VCS Emergency Partnership (a partnership of big national charities and local infrastructure organisations like VAL) is building a picture of how the pandemic is affecting third sector organisations and communities around the country. One of the great things about the Partnership is that it meets with national government regularly, so if the things that you see changing match with the experience elsewhere, you can be sure that national decision makers will hear about it.

Perhaps the most important thing that the VCS EP does is that it can also direct resources, like food or PPE to organisations on the ground, where those needs can’t be met locally. Once you tell them what you need, VAL’s nominated representative Rich Warrington feeds your request into the regional system and it swings into action.

Contact: [email protected]val.org.uk to;

  • make a request for support
  • feed in your thoughts about how the pandemic is changing community/third sector needs
  • have a chat about what the partnership is and how it works

Further information on the partnership can be found on the Doing Good Leeds website.