The latest Healthwatch Leeds weekly check-in is focusing on end of life care in the community (not hospital). 

This will feed into work the Leeds Palliative Care Network are doing to improve services in community settings (including care homes) as well as providing real-time experience on what is happening now. The survey is for everyone but they’re particularly interested to hear from those in care homes or people from a BAME community.

Are you currently supporting your loved one receiving end of life care in a hospice, care home or at home in Leeds, or caring for them yourself? What information and support has been helpful or not so helpful? 

Healthwatch would be grateful for anyone who might be willing to share their experiences during the last year of a friend or relative who died in a hospice, care home or at home in Leeds to please complete this survey.

The survey should take no longer than 5 mins and your feedback will help improve end of life care in Leeds.

Please share this survey as widely as you can. If people are unable to complete it online, they are welcome to call the Healthwatch team on 0113 898 0035 to talk through the questions.

Healthwatch’s bi-weekly listening campaign is designed to hear ‘How is it for you?’ and involves working closely with partners in the voluntary sector to make sure they are hearing how it felt for the many different communities in Leeds.