Healthwatch would like your help to get My Right to Healthcare cards to the people who need them in order to be registered with a GP.

Healthwatch regularly hear about problems with GP registration – for example, being asked for proof of address or other ID.

An organisation known as ‘Groundswell’ recently produced My Right to Healthcare cards which support people.

NHS England is having a big push on GP registration and is producing these cards on a national basis, using the NHSE contact centre for support. These can not only help homeless people but others who may face difficulties such as people living on boats, Gypsies and Travellers – and even people moving accommodation. The support provided by the NHSE call centre will not simply record problems as complaints but aim to resolve them.

Healthwatch want to get these cards spread far and wide and so would ask all to help to circulate them to local people that need them.

Healthwatch Wakefield will take a delivery of cards, which are available in boxes of 100. Obviously under lockdown conditions, circulating cards may be difficult but hopefully a way can be found, and it would be good to have the cards ready for when that is possible.

If you can receive and distribute these card please contact [email protected] to let him know how many of the cards you could allocate.

You can also contact Gary if you have any questions.

There’s no closing date but the sooner they know requirements, the sooner they can get the cards sent out.

There is also a plan to see if there can be an e-version, which we’ll update you about as information comes through.