We want to help communities to continue and develop all the amazing volunteer led work that happened during the Covid pandemic to help keep our neighbours safe, well and connected.

The ‘Hey Neighbour’ project will support new or existing neighbourhood activities, encourage people to make connections and keep people well.

How to get involved – individuals

We’re giving grants of between £100 and £500 to people in Leeds to do something that brings together a neighbourhood or community to improve their wellbeing.

It’s up to you what you run, and it only takes 5 minutes to apply. So, whether you’d like to connect with your neighbours to run an allotment, a world food club, or a walking group – we’re waiting to hear your ideas and help you make it happen. You know your community best so tell us what you need and let’s give it a try.

How to get involved – organisations

Grants of between £500 and £2,500 are available for not-for-profit organisations, with an annual turnover of less than £50,000, who have an idea or project that nurtures volunteer led neighbourliness or contributes to wider community building.

​Projects can support both geographical communities or communities that may not live in the same area as each other. We are particularly interested in hearing from volunteer led projects that make good use of community spaces, are based in Leeds and offer activities that are offline.

Typically, we fund the following overheads; volunteer expenses, publicity costs, equipment and room hire.

More information

For more information and to read the terms and conditions, visit www.heyneighbour.org.uk

If you have any questions or want to talk through your idea, call, text or WhatsApp Damian on 0798 544 2630.