Home Plus is a new service aimed at enabling and maintaining independent living through improving health at home, helping to prevent falls and cold related health conditions.

The service is for those who may be at risk of falling, who are struggling to heat their home or pay heating bills, who need help with repairs that are causing a hazard in their home or who need information and advice to maintain independence.

The Home Plus Service offers a comprehensive home assessment to identify client needs and includes the installation of rails and equipment to reduce the risk of further falls.

The service covers servicing and repairs to heating and hot water systems, as well as help in changing to the cheapest energy deal.

Free energy saving equipment, draught proofing and insulation measures are part of the service, as well as assistance with hazard repairs for home owners.

Home Plus also offer advice and support on issues such as a change in housing or financial circumstances, bereavement or increasing care needs.


If there is someone you know who may benefit from these services, please contact our friendly Customer Services Team on:

Tel:  0113 240 6009

Address: 323 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HT

Email: [email protected]