This is the third of the Local Care Partnership Blog posts, and like much other work in the sector, it’s been adapted to reflect current challenges faced during Covid-19. In this blog we will be introducing the #PositivePartnerships campaign which has organically developed over the past few weeks.

What are #PositivePartnerships?

The Covid-19 pandemic poses concerns for us all, as individuals, organisations and communities. The unfolding picture has placed unprecedented stresses on third sector services and the health and care system as a whole. Emerging from this crisis are a multitude of positive stories, which illustrate the dynamism, creativity and effectiveness of the sector and broader health and care system in Leeds, enabling it to meet high level challenges.

The #PositivePartnerships campaign is a piece of work led by Forum Central and the Local Care Partnership Development Team.  It shines a light on partnership working between people, third sector organisations and institutions in the city, with a particular focus on creative ways in which the system has adapted to the challenges of Covid-19. The work compliments the #TogetherLeeds campaign, which celebrates all the brilliant things happening in Leeds that are bringing people and communities together.

What Positive Partnership work has developed?

Those of you who are active on social media cannot have failed to see the huge outpouring of positivity, appreciation, innovation and creativity.  Partners have talked about seeing greater progress in the past few weeks, than in several years prior. Success stories include:

Mobilisation of a joined up, citywide response


Inter-organisational and inter-sector collaboration



Rapid adaptation of services


Development of joined up information, guidance and resources


Communication which is creative, accessible and inclusive


Cross system kindness, compassion and appreciation


Future blog posts will cover each of these topics  (and others) in greater detail, shining a light on more examples from the sector, exploring how Positive Partnerships have been able to achieve incredible outcomes under such dramatic circumstances; and how partners have overcome the challenges they have come up against.

What do you think?

What do you think of the examples we have showcased in this blog? What has enabled the sector to be so dynamic? What challenges to partnership working has your organisation experienced?

What other examples of #PositivePartnerships have you been involved in or seen?

We are encouraging all partners to share their stories of Positive Partnerships on social media using the hashtags #PositivePartnerships and #TogetherLeeds. Please tag @myforumcentral in your Tweets.