Leeds Alert provides free SMS (text messages) and/or email alerts to notify you of disruption, emergencies and events that may impact upon you.

Organisations are invited to register, please follow the link and complete the form to Register for Leeds Alert

The Leeds Alert system is free and funded by Leeds City Council in partnership with West Yorkshire Police.

It allows West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council to send out emergency alert messages to businesses/organisations registered with the scheme.  Leeds Alert is there to provide organisations with the information you will need to help prepare you, your colleagues and your place of work for emergencies and disruptive events.

  • Messages can be received on pagers and mobile phones as an SMS text message or email, and also as a text-to-voice message on a landline telephone.
  • Emails are used to alert those registered about potential disruption in the city.
  • The Leeds Alert text messages are only be used in emergency situations and will provide details of the incident and where necessary, may include instructions on how message recipients should respond to the incident.
  • Messages can be sent to every registered person, or can be targeted at specific groups, such as all businesses in a particular area/postcode, or a particular type of organisation as appropriate.

Please Note: This system is for organisations, not individuals.

Up to four people can register from each organisation. Registered users should be sufficiently senior within the organisation to be able to order a building lockdown or evacuation, and have access to distribution lists, to be able to cascade the alert messages out to their staff.

Leeds Alert – link to more information

The above link goes to the Leeds Alert web page on the Council’s website. It includes information about the system, who should register etc.