Leeds Generations United-a new publication highlighting intergenerational projects in Leeds

By Sean Tunnicliffe, Forum Central

Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) places great value on intergenerational work and supports Leeds’ bid to be the ‘Best City to Grow Old in‘ and its work to achieving World Health Organisation status as an ‘Age Friendly City’.

As an organisation we are always keen to promote intergenerational work whenever and wherever we can and back in 2013 we produced a report called Generations Together in Leeds which highlighted some of the brilliant intergenerational work going on in the city at that time.

In  late 2016 it was decided that it would be a good time to produce a follow-up report to show people what is currently happening with regards to intergenerational work in Leeds and to remind people that it is still happening.

We sometimes just take things for granted and don’t blow our own trumpet enough about the fantastic work being done in Leeds (and I’m as guilty as anyone) so LOPF decided to change this and I set to work on putting it this report together.

Leeds Generations United

The fruits of my labour is Leeds Generations United, which was officially launched on 25 September at the LOPF Celebration Event. The new report features eight intergenerational projects as well as one project’s vision for future intergenerational work.

It highlights the benefits of each project as well as anything that didn’t work or that the project would have done differently in hindsight. There are also quotes from the participants about their experiences of being involved in the projects.

Support and thanks

Any report of this nature is reliant on getting contributions from people who are often very busy and  I was fortunate in getting a lot of support from the organisations who feature as well as from people willing to write the foreword.

I would like to thank everyone involved, it’s no exaggeration to say I couldn’t have done it without you and everyone responded to my regular emails with great patience. You all know who you are but I think everybody else should know so a big thank you to (in no particular order):

  • Bronwen Holden, Leeds Older People’s Forum
  • Ann Pemberton, Young Lives Leeds
  • Georgina Binnie, University of Leeds Writing Back Project
  • Sarah Goodyear, Fall Into Place Community Theatre
  • Laura Cope, Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Ltd
  • Susan Wall, Kissing it Better
  • Patrick Bourne, Leeds Museums & Galleries
  • Angela Thompson,  Leeds Museums & Galleries
  • Steve Dearden, Writing Squad
  • Barbara Bailey, Moor Allerton Elderly Care
  • Katie Cameron, M&S Compnay Archive
  • Jude Woods, Age Project, Yorkshire Mesmac
  • Rachel Cooper, Leeds Older People’s Forum
  • Jim Garside, Leeds Older People’s Forum Time to Shine Project

You can download Leeds Generations United or contact me if you would like a hard copy: [email protected] | Tel: (0113) 244 1697

We are always interested in hearing about intergenerational projects so please feel free to contact me if you are doing any work in this field.