Leeds GPs and Cancer Research UK took to Facebook on 25th Nov to talk about Cancer Facts and Fictions via a live stream.

Watch the recording of the live stream here

Three Leeds GPs and Lubna Latiff from Cancer Research UK, came together via zoom and live streamed on facebook to share important information on cancer signs and symptoms; cancer myths; and the importance of attending the national screening tests.

The speakers each presented and then invited questions or cancer concerns from the public which were submitted via Facebook.

This is an excellent new way to share important messages in the health and care sector, and is the second facebook live stream in Leeds – the first being about the corona virus with four GPs.

Please help share this information and successful piece of work far and wide!

For any questions or to interview or speak to the panel, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Webb: [email protected]

Website: www.leedscancerprogramme.org.uk

Twitter: @leedscancerprog