Leeds City Council has updated its guidance around the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for care home and community care staff.

The position statement, copied below, refers to Public Health England national guidance which, it notes, should be used while we are in a period of sustained transmission of Covid-19 within the community. Therefore, table 4 of the previous government guidance, which summarises recommendations for all settings where COVID-19 transmission is sustained, should be followed at this time.

The guidance states that the below links should be checked regularly given the fast changing nature of this situation.

Leeds Covid-19 PPE position statement for Care Home and Community Care staff – Version 4. 14th April 2020

The guidance below is the Public Health England COVID 19 national guidance on PPE published in April 2020 to be used while we are dealing with sustained transmission of COVID-19 within the community. It aims to provide some simple and clear guidelines for use of PPE by care home and community staff.

Whilst this is a complex and changing situation, there is enough known about the epidemiology of Covid-19 to recommend the PHE guidelines outlined in the table below during this period of sustained transmission. This position will be reviewed regularly to ensure that the most current PHE advice and guidance is being used in this fast changing situation.

Please check these links regularly as this is a fast changing situation where guidance updated frequently.