Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project launches new report for LGBT+ History Month – ‘Spotlight on Racism’

The report responds to the findings of Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Projects’ research which found that racism was a priority concern for many in Leeds.

Leeds LGBT+ Mapping Project has conducted a short piece of research to scratch at the surface of BME LGBT+ experience in Leeds. This brief report is a summary of stories and experiences some LGBT+ BME people in Leeds shared.

What is captured here does not representative of the views of all BME LGBT+ people in the city, but highlights some strong and common themes that have surfaced through this community research.

The key messages from the report are:
  • Many felt that LGBT+ communities in Leeds lacked ethnic diversity. Some BME LGBT+ people did not feel welcome or included in LGBT+ spaces and communities in the city. This related to both commercial LGBT+ spaces and more alternative LGBT+ communities.
  • Experiences of racism on the commercial gay scene were common – much of this was sexualised racism.
  • There was an expectation among some BME LGBT+ people that they would encounter racism in LGBT+ communities.
  • It was important for BME LGBT+ people to be in community with other BME LGBT+ people.
  • There are health and well being impacts of racism for BME LGBT+ people, that include loneliness, isolation and poor mental health.
  • BME LGBT+ people are travelling to Manchester, Bradford and London to find more accessible and diverse LGBT+ communities. This suggests that despite the ethnic diversity of Leeds there is a lack of spaces and resources for BME LGBT+ people.
  • We hope this document be a springboard for discussion on experiences of BME LGBT+ people in Leeds, and in particular experiences of exclusion, racism and Islamophobia.

Download report here…