By Anne Marie Stewart LGBT+ Community Development Worker

WP 1: LGBT+ stakeholder and infrastructure mapping

Activity update:

Initial mapping

  • Identified over 70 LGBT+ groups and related activity through outreach and online research – identifying grassroots and community groups, and activity
  • Contacting groups and networks that have been identified so far about the project – gather information about the groups, their aims and purpose and history and request participants for further consultation ( over 40 so far)
  • Beginning to identify some emerging gaps in LGBT+ landscape, issues with sustainability and capacity – particularly related to social activity and support for young LGBT+ people in Leeds and BME LGBT+ groups, people with learning disabilities, older people
  • A number of LGBT+ groups and communities to consult with in 2017 have been identified – incl young LGBT+ people, Deaf LGBT people, LGBT+ people with experience of mental health issues

Next steps:

  • Further mapping – including focus on faith
  • Spatial mapping of LGBT+ activity in Leeds
  • Develop a typology of groups and activities, and developing themes
  • Identify relationships between activity and groups
  • Start identifying potential case studies/profiles for the project report
  • Look at how GIS mapping might contribute to the project – training on 6th December VAL

WP 2: Governance and stakeholder participation

Activity update:

Project Advisory Group development

  • Successfully recruited 15 people Project Advisory Group from Leeds’ LGBT+ community – with experience in mental health, community health and advocacy, education, activism, arts and culture, youth engagement and disability inclusion . The PAG group also has achieved a diverse spread of people regarding sexuality, age, gender and disability.
  • First Meeting (December 2016)- Mapping Stage
  • Second Meeting (January 2016)- Consultation Stage
  • Third Meeting (March 2016) – Findings and Implications

Project set up and updates

  • Update meeting with Leeds City Council and Leeds Community Foundation

Next steps:

  • PAG Meetings set for 12th December, 25 January, 15 March
  • Meeting format – ensuring it is accessible and engaging
  • Project updates with LCC and LFC

WP3: Outreach and consultation with LGBT+ community and stakeholders

Activity update:


  • Information about the project has been shared on LOPF, Tenfold, Volition, Gay Leeds, Through the Maze websites, mailing list for LGBT+ Hub and BME hub
  • Created a Facebook page for the Project – promoted the project online, and on social media – generated interest leading to groups sharing information and interest in PAG, (137 likes)


  • Introduced the Leeds LGBT+ Mapping project via LGBT+ mailing lists, Four Forums networks and at LGBT+ Hub Meeting, TenFold meeting
  • Meetings with community members and professionals working with or on LGBT+ issues in Leeds – building relationships, recruiting to the PAG and participants for consultation
  • Set up meetings with bar managers on Gay scene
  • Set up meetings with Sauna managers
  • Set up meeting with Leeds GATE to discuss ABCD and Gypsy and Traveller LGBT engagement
  • Engaged with staff at Leeds City College re. recruiting LGBT+ young people for consultation

Online survey

  • Planning online survey to find out about LGBT+ community engagement in Leeds, relationship to the city, access etc

Next steps:

  • Ensure comprehensive promotion of Leeds LGBT+ Mapping project across Leeds – all city areas
  • Arrange consultation with different groups and LGBT+ communities for 2017
  • Develop and distribute online survey

WP 4: Market research

Activity update:

Learning from other LGBT+ infrastructure models

  • Set up visit to LGBT Foundation Manchester and LGBT Centre Leicester in January 2017
  • Reviewing other hub websites – LGBT Foundation, Centered in London – LGBT Community and Voluntary Sector Almanac

Learning from social research and methods

  • Gathering learning from community mapping, social impact assessment, community participation resources
  • Reading recent social research on LGBT+ communities in the UK

Next steps:

  • Visit and gather learning from LGBT+ models in other cities

WP 5: Website development

Activity update:

Information gathering

  • Building database of LGBT+ groups and community activity
  • Identifying different LGBT+ stakeholders through the mapping exercise – understanding website users and audience

WP 6: Business development and funding

Activity update

Beginning early March

WP 7:Gap analysis and write up

Beginning late February