Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales Research Report: The Value of Small in a Big Crisis has been launched in February 2021 revealing key findings

This month Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales launched The Value of Small in a Big Crisis, which builds on and expands the findings of the original 2018 The Value of Small research against the pandemic.

This report finds that it is the distinctiveness of small and local charities which makes them best placed to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. They ‘showed up and stuck around’, using their position of trust within communities experiencing complex social issues to support people when they were needed the most. This contrasts with parts of the public sector, which were slower to react early on, and informal support and mutual aid, which dissipated over time.

Small and local charities will be central to rebuilding after the pandemic, contributing to the transformational change needed for society and the economy to fully recover and prosper.

The report calls on the government, funders and the wider voluntary sector to recognise the value of small charities and foster a thriving and resilient population of small and local charities with the absorptive and adaptive capacity to respond to different types and scale of shock.

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On Tuesday 23 February, Baroness Diana Barran and the Value of Small research team joined to discuss the research findings from The Value of Small in a Big Crisis. They reflected on how small charities have been responding to the challenges of the pandemic.

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