Blog 1. – Introductions 

Karl Witty, Development Worker  – Local Care Partnerships

Hi all, my name is Karl, and I’m currently supporting the ongoing development of the Local Care Partnerships (LCPs) in Leeds, with a particular focus on enhancing the role of the third sector within the partnerships. One of the ways that I’m going to be documenting progress is through regular blog posts, reporting my ongoing learning, emergent views and the opinions of third sector colleagues.

This blog post and others that follow should not be viewed as reflecting the views of the third sector as a whole, more a collection of thoughts aiming to move conversations forward. Over the forthcoming weeks I’m going to be covering topics such as ‘accessibility’, ‘voice & influence’, ‘language and culture’, ‘diversity’ and ‘support systems’.

I will also be shining a light on success stories within the LCPs and sign-posting readers to new and existing information resources which will help readers better understand LCPs, find out which LCP their organisation can engage and get involved. 

Now, I’m going to start with an admission. When I first heard about LCPs I was a bit sceptical. Thoughts of another new NHS led ‘talking shop’ filled my head, then questions such as, how are LCPs different from other collaborations such as Primary Care Networks (PCNs)? What will the focus of the work be? And how will third Sector Organisations get involved? 

I recently met with Ailsa, Jennifer and Bev at OPAL, a neighbourhood network based in Holt Park. Like others I’ve spoken to, Ailsa and the team see the huge potential of LCPs and are keen to get involved. Also like other third sector colleagues they have limited time and resources to commit to activities which do not directly deliver good outcomes for the communities they serve. 

So, how can we break down the barriers to partnership working that third sector organisations like OPAL experience? It’s a big question, and one I don’t immediately have an answer to, but the will to find solutions, from all sectors fills me with optimism. 

Let me know your thoughts on this blog post by commenting below, or on social media using #LCPblog.  

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

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