A number of sensationalised posts featuring inaccurate suicide statistics that have surfaced on Twitter in recent weeks serve as an important reminder to ensure we’re complying with local media guidance on covering suicide in news media.

Covering suicide requires care – with language and context – as too much detail can encourage others. You can read and familiarize yourself with the guidelines online here. The information suggests ways to avoid problems, find helpful extra information and advice while recognising pressures faced by those working in and with the media.

The guidance builds on work by the Samaritans and NUJ Scotland, among other organisations, as well as the experiences of workers, volunteers and families in Leeds.

Those affected by reporting of suicide at the current time, or suicide in general, can access one-to-one support, group support, family support, or counselling via the Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service helpline: 0113 305 5803, online: leedssbs.org.uk or by email: [email protected]