Meet our new member – Safer Lives

//Meet our new member – Safer Lives

Forum Central is proud to welcome our new member Safer Lives, also known as Safer Lives in Communities CIC. The organisation has joined Volition, one of the four partners in Forum Central.

Andy Green is one of the co-directors of Safer Lives, and is a former probation officer. He tells us:

“Safer Lives began three years ago as a spin-off from the Probation Service. We work with men whose sexual behaviour has become problematic – for others or for themselves. Most of our work is with men who are under investigation for sexual offences, and they typically come to us just after their world has fallen apart – when their secretive and abusive sexual behaviours have been cast open to wider scrutiny. One minute they may be waving the the family goodbye as they leave for work, the next there is a knock on the door from uniformed officers and their worlds collapse.

The men are only too aware of the stigma that their behaviour attracts. They fear losing their families, their employment and any social circles they may be a part of. Suicide rates are extremely high, and our first role is to assess and sure up their wellbeing. We then offer programmes of behavioural intervention and ongoing support to promote long term lifestyle changes.

We also work with non-abusing family members, who are often the unseen victims, and with individuals and their partners where sexual behaviours are becoming problematic for other reasons than offending. This might involve pornography compulsions, sex addictions and paraphilias, and unhelpful secretive behaviours. Our philosophy is that most unwanted sexual behaviours come from unmet emotional needs or from maladapted coping strategies for problems including stress, anxiety, depression, social isolation and loneliness, and sexual identity confusions.

We are a Leeds based Community Interest Company and have grown to work throughout Yorkshire and Humberside, and we will soon be working in Manchester and Merseyside. We also remain open to working with wider men’s health issues, particularly in relation to supporting the emotional needs of men in crisis or who have risky behaviours, but only with a view to helping them towards safer lives.”

Safer Lives offers support and advice to individuals and family members, as well as training and consultancy work.

You can find out more about Safer Lives on their website or by contacting them:

Website –

Email –

Call – 0747 668 3012

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